4 Weight Cutting Tips for Wrestlers!

Let me start by saying,”weight-Cutting for wrestling is a science!”

In fact, wrestlers who cut weight are unique from any other sport in the World!

Let me explain…

If you are a Boxer, or a Mixed Martial Artist, or compete in any combat sport other than wrestling, you might need to cut weight in order to compete at a certain weight class… just like wrestlers.

But… wrestlers have to do it a couple of times per week for months at a time. Boxers, Mixed Martial Artists and other Combat Athletes cut weight to compete one time.

Also, wrestlers don’t usually have the benefit of being able to make weight 24 hours before a match like other combat athletes…

This is HUGE!!

It means that wrestlers have to cut weight differently than other Combat athletes.

With that said, here are 4 Tips when Weight-Cutting for Wrestling that you should know:

Weight-Cutting Tip #1: Eat Nutrient-Dense Foods

A common mistake that most wrestlers make when they are cutting weight is to eat very little or nothing at all for a day or two at a time. BIG MISTAKE! Doing this week in and week out eats your muscle and makes you weak and tired.

The secret is to eat certain types of foods that will actually help you make weight-cutting easier. These are foods that are nutrient-dense… which means they have a lot of nutrition without you having to eat a lot of food at one time. I’ve discovered that when you eat more of these foods you can cut weight faster than ever…. IT’S TRUE!

Weight-Cutting Tip #2: Drink MORE Water

Most wrestlers and coaches get this one all wrong. They think that you have to dehydrate your body by not drinking any water in order to cut weight. This is the worst thing you could do to your body!

Cutting weight by dehydrating (not drinking water), sitting in saunas and running in plastics will make you weak, tired and increase the risk of injuries. Your muscles are made up of mostly water so when you don”t allow your body to have any water, you are making your muscles weak.

Don’t ever make the mistake of not drinking any water in order to make weight for wrestling!

What you really need to do is ‘taper’ your water consumption in the days before you weigh-in. This allows you to make weight every time without sacrificing your strength and energy or injuries.

Weight-Cutting Tip #3: Feed Your Muscles After You Weigh-In

Unlike other sports that require weight-cutting, wrestlers don”t usually have the benefit of a ”24 hour” time between weighing-in and competing. Wrestlers usually have to wrestle very soon after weighing-in. That means you have to be able to fuel up your body very quickly after you weigh-in.

The best way to do this is to eat foods that allow you to keep your blood-sugar stable. This allows you to keep your strength and energy without getting that ‘tired’ feeling.

Weight-Cutting Tip #4: Preserve Your Muscle

One of the huge problems with traditional weight-cutting methods is that your muscle starts to get broken down by the body and used as food! When your body thinks it’s starving it will ‘protect’ itself by trying to hold on to body fat while using lean muscle tissue as an energy source.

How do you prevent this?


The best thing to do is to ‘supplement’ your muscles with amino acids that will protect your muscles, and prevent them from being broken down. It’s like tricking your body into keeping you strong and energetic while you cut weight!

If you want a step-by-step weight-cutting system for wrestlers, check out my new Easy Weight Cutting program!

6 Responses to “4 Weight Cutting Tips for Wrestlers!”

  1. wrestler strength Says:

    Great tips Steve to what sounds like an unbelievable system! I’m definitely getting over to Easy Weight Cutting to check out the great package I’m sure you’ve put together.

  2. john gautreau Says:

    how about – don’t do it. it’s the only bad thing about the sport

  3. stevepreston Says:


    I couldn’t agree with you more…

    When I became a Sports Performance Specialist who specializes in working with wrestlers, I never intended to become a ‘Weight-Cutting Coach.’ However, I don’t have the power to dissolve the sport from weight-cutting so I simply try to help as I can to make it as painless as possible.

    If I had my way, wrestlers would compete at their natural weight, and follow a wrestling-specific training program that catered to all 3 seasons (inseason, offseason and preseason). This way, they would wrestle with muscle cells loaded with glycogen, a positive nitrogen balance, and endless cardio.

    Can you imagine how much different the sport would become?

    It CAN be done… it just takes the right food and training methods to overcome the ‘need’ to cut weight.

  4. james barger Says:

    Steve I was wondering if you would agree or disagree with nitric oxide supplements?? And If they could help fat loss or inhibit me from losing weight and make me gain muscle??

  5. k j sebast Says:

    do you think using kre-alkalyn during season is beneficial in helping preserve muscle strength? thanks-

  6. stevepreston Says:

    I’ve heard different reviews on it…

    Personally, I think you’d be fine with the supplements that I mentioned. If you can afford it and want to add it, by all means give it a try. But I don’t think it should be on your ‘mandatory’ list.


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