The Best Foods To Eat Before a Wrestling Match!

Think about how you feel before a wrestling match…




These types of feelings require you to get your pre-match meal right or you will hinder your performance, slow yourself down, and actually “reverse” the desired mental and physical hight you want to reach for your match.

First, let’s go over the rules of pre-match nutrition:

  1. Your pre-match meal should be about 3 hours before you wrestle This is the amount of time it takes to digest and utilize a meal.  The last thing you want is to have stomach upset when you’re due to wrestle.
  2. Stay away from high protein foods Protein is comprised of molecular strands of amino acids.  These amino acids strands are very complex in nature and require more energy to break down and digest.   Because of this you should avoid proteins before matches.  The increased digestive requirement causes you to feel sluggish and tired.
  3. Stay away from fatty foods Fatty foods are never ideal before a match either.  They don’t do anything to settle your stomach and they are also a burden on your digestive system prior to wrestling.
  4. Avoid foods that increase your level of blood-glucose When you eat these types of foods that increase your blood-glucose (sugar) level, your body increases blood-insulin levels to maintain homeostasis.  This causes your body to reduce its level of blood-glucose, resulting in low-blood sugar.

The trick is to consume foods prior to a match that don’t elevate your blood-glucose and don’t cause you to incur an insulin spike.

Some of the best foods to eat prior to a wrestling match are:

  • milk
  • peanuts
  • cheese pizza (as long as it’s not too greasy)
  • honey
  • pasta
  • oranges
  • oatmeal (my favorite)
  • apples

It’s also important to “like” the food you choose as your pre-match meal.  It must satisfy your digestive system AND your taste buds or it will cause you to stress your body out and negate the purpose of eating the food in the first place.

I hope this helps you guys out.

Now, on to the foods that you should eat before you wrestle…

I’ve found that when you stick to foods

12 Responses to “The Best Foods To Eat Before a Wrestling Match!”

  1. Eric Says:

    Would tuna on wheat with 2% milk be a good pre-match meal also?

  2. Robert Says:

    Most weigh-ins occurr about an hour to hour and a half before a match. Wrestlers generally dont eat prior to weigh-ins to insure that they make weight. The problem I’ve noticed is that after a few hours of not eating, you’re very hungry and want to gobble up your meal after weigh-ins. Then, you feel bloated before your first match, especially if you’re a light weight and have to wrestle first. Do you think that eating something very small such as an orange and some peanuts might not give you the energy you need for the match, but at the same time eating too much might upset your stomach. Any ideas?

  3. Alex Says:

    What would recommend for collegiate wrestlers who only have 1 hour before their match after weighing in? Also how much fluid should one drink, and which fluids are best for rehydration?

  4. Phirom Says:

    What about highschool we only get 2 hours for our meets

  5. avery martin Says:

    i am currently weighing 130 and i am skinny for my weight class. i was wondering if incredible bulk is safe, and if it is would you recommend it?the link for it is

  6. stevepreston Says:


    Awesome question. My solution to the time that there is no eating prior to weighing in is to use protein paste. 1-2 scoops with just enough water to make a paste… and then consume in spoonfuls throughout the wait time for weighing in.

    Also, we’re not worried about the prematch meal giving you energy… it is what you eat the day before that actually provides the energy for the match. The prematch meal is simply to keep you from experiencing the blood sugar instability that causes fatigue and jitters.


  7. stevepreston Says:


    See the answer to Robert’s question below…

    Protein paste is the answer!!

    Thanks for posting…


  8. stevepreston Says:


    I honestly can’t comment on it because I’ve never tried it. You don’t need anything in particular… as long as you’re getting in about 2.5-3 grams of carbohydrates per pound of bodyweight, plus enough protein (up to 1 gram per pound of bodyweight) you will be able to add mass. Of course, your training program needs to address a full body workout that is progressive, while still allowing for enough recuperation.


  9. stevepreston Says:


    Yes, tuna on wheat with a glass of 2% milk is a fine prematch meal… You get the benefit of a low-glycemic meal with a good coatin of the stomach… thanks for posting!


  10. Tim Says:

    Hey is oatmeal a good meal to eat for breakfast?

    I also been eating oatmeal right after weight ins and foods like this
    apples, oranges, milk, peanuts, nutrition bras, power aid, water. and I found I feel a lot better on the mat. so thanks for the tip. My pre match meal is usually the protein paste you suggested.

    I noticed you said stay away from protein before wrestling match, but then I noticed in your “easy weight cutting modules ” 1-9 videos you said drink your recovery drink mixed with 12 oz Gatorade and 1 scoop of whey. So is eating/drinking protein after weight good idea or is just going to make your tired and sluggish?

  11. Travis Says:

    Your wrong on the protein part, theres nothing wrong with taking any kind of protein before a match !!! It always gives me loads of extra energy!!!!

  12. stevepreston Says:

    Oops… I guess I learned something today. Thanks for the insight Travis.

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