Top 16 Foods for Wrestlers To Eat After Making Weight!

One of the most important times for a wrestler comes immediately after making weight. This is the time when many wrestlers and coaches are confused as to what foods are best to eat. It all comes down to eating food that can be digested slowly, allowing your body to maintain a steady blood-sugar level so that your strength and energy are optimal.

A few years back there was a lot of talk about the Glycemic Index. This was a determinant of how rapidly a food was digested and broken down into sugar (Glucose). Foods that had a higher number rating were the ones that were more rapidly digested. Conversely, foods with a lower number were digested more slowly and converted more slowly into sugars.

The thing that my good friend Al Walke and I realized years ago was that you can eat a high glycemic food combined with a fat and turn it into a low-glycemic food. The simple way we do this is to add peanut butter to a higher glycemic carbohydrate.

Why would you do this? To give you energy throughout the day. That’s why I like the idea of a good ole-fashioned Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich (preferably on Wheat rather than White Bread) for good tournament food when you’re going and going all day long. The simplest way to look at this when you’re considering what to eat after you weigh-in for a dual match is to have a list to choose from.

Here are 16 foods that you can eat separately or combine for a post weigh-in meal. Optimally, you will have some time to digest this food. If time is every shortened to where you would wrestle within 45 minutes of the weigh-in you just wouldn’t eat at all.

-Carboforce drink






-Plain Pizza



-Apple Juice


-Whole Wheat Pasta



-Orange Juice


11 Responses to “Top 16 Foods for Wrestlers To Eat After Making Weight!”

  1. JT Says:

    So I’ve seen your videos on youtube and i have bough tyour ultimate strength program. On your yourtube videos you say to eat a banana with peanut butter and then a cliff bar. But I don’t see any of those here… I also have a random question about cutting weight. When I’m taking out carbs from my diet for getting out that water weight, can I still eat veggies? Thanks.

  2. stevepreston Says:


    You are right my friend… I did say to eat a banana with peanut butter and then a cliff bar. That is an unbeatable combination. BUT… I’ve had guys who were allergic to peanut butter, can’t buy Cliff Bars where they live, don’t like bananas etc. So… I created the list based on foods that are completely natural (although Cliff Bars are marketed as ‘natural’ they are still processed for packaging) and are low on the glycemic index. That way, if you eat one of these foods you don’t have to worry about the insulin spike, resulting in grogginess.

    In regard to your weight cutting question… YES, veggies are great and should be consumed with meat (chicken, beef, fish) for optimal digestion.

    I hope that helps JT…


  3. Haroon Says:

    what would you eat if your diabetic. Generally I try not to eat to many carbs because then my blood sugar spikes no matter what and then I get groggy, tired, ect.

  4. stevepreston Says:


    I understand your dilemma. In your case I would advise you to work with your Physician on that one. Generally, a diabetic should consume balanced meals with carbs that are low-glycemic.

    Let me know…


  5. JT Says:

    Thanks for the reply Mr. Preston. That really helps. Just one more question.. Usually when I cut weight (112 weight class), I drink one gallon of water each day until the meet day, where I start to drink 6-8 ounces everyr three hours. I follow the weight cutting meal plan on your program btw. Now, during the meet day, I’ll usually have a homemade protein bar which contaings about 10g of carbs from oatmeal, and a handful of nuts. Will this fat from the nuts and carb from oatmeal make it difficult for me to lose that last bit of water? Seems like I’m always still 0.4 – 0.6 pounds over, which results in extra running and spitting. Thanks.

  6. Sam Says:

    I have heard from you that sugars are bad and shouldn’t be eaten until after practice. But then on one of your videos you say that berries are good to eat when cutting. So, are sugars bad or good? Thanks Mr Preston

  7. stevepreston Says:

    Hey Sam,

    Yes, I did say that sugars should be consumed after practice, and also said that berries are good to eat when cutting…

    I always look at berries as the “un-fruit.” Per calorie, they don’t have much sugar. They also are a great source of Fiber, Vitamin C and Antioxidants. This “nutritionally-dense” food becomes an acceptable carb during cutting phases. Just be sure to keep the serving sizes down. 3/4 cup of mixed, organic berries have approximately 10 grams of carbs.

    Thanks for your great question Sam!


  8. nick Says:

    I watched your youtube video on cutting 10lbs in 3 days and i wanted to know what would be a good replacement for the almonds?

  9. Kelly Collins Says:

    What is a tradename for a Carbo Drink?

  10. j Says:

    cool i didnt knw honey was an excellent source of energy fro wrestling but how do i plan the meal and also water intake and still eat other things

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